Domestic and International Labour Law

Our lawyers assist companies, managers, executives and business representatives both through legal advice and litigation assistance with the following types of interventions :

Individual and collective litigation before all jurisdictions

  • The Paris Labour Relations Court (“Conseil de prud’hommes”) ;
  • The French Social Security Tribunal (« TASS ») : Accidents at work, occupational diseases, intentional misconduct;
  • The French “Tribunal de Grande Instance” ;
  • The French “Tribunal d’Instance”;
  • The French Journalistic Arbitral Committee (“Commission arbitrale des journalists”);
  • The French Court of Appeal (“Cour d’Appel).

Collective Bargaining and employment relations

  • Restructuring, reorganization, mergers, transfer of activity, employment protection plans (“PSE”), provisional job and skill management (“GPEC”), assistance with the negotiation of agreements, harmonization of the statutes;
  • Implementation and support in the relations with the personnel representative bodies;
  • Disputes over appointments or elections;

Employment andLabour Law

  • Day-to-day advice and assistance in crisis situations: strikes, sequestration;
  • Respect of working time legislation, undeclared and clandestine work, illegal subcontracting;
  • Occupational health and safety;
  • Psychosocial risks: moral and sexual harassment;
  • Discrimination;
  • Work accidents;
  • Redundancy.

International mobility

  • assignment and expatriation (management of international transfers, mobility policies).


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